Tuesday, 2 July 2013

where is vnc viewer vinagre storing its history of connections?

not easy to find manually so I did

find ~/ -name vinagre


analysis[~] cat .local/share/vinagre/history

unbuntu 12.10 install hangs in first boot 'waiting for battery status'. Seems it was a problem with my graphics card.

I have two new i7 servers and I installed ubuntu 12.10. Unfortunately after installation (without network) both of them did not started the Xs and stoped with a message ''waiting for battery status". After googling for answers for this issue, I saw that many of the solutions either fixed it feedling with the display manager or Xauthorities or Xorgs or simply being practical and starting a Xserver from ctr-alt-f1 but for some users none of these actions fixed the problem.

Seems that all solutions are related with the Xs or display. In my case both computers have an Asus GForce 210 graphical card but I have a third identical server without the card has no problem. So my first guess was a possible issue with the linux drivers for the card. So first solution was to go to the BIOS and change the GPU to iGPU (the integrated one). VoilĂ , the machine boots into graphical mode with no problem.

Once I obtained the IP for my mac address, I upgraded (on computer only upgrade, and the odter dist-upgrade to 13.04) and now I am able to boot correctly using my PCI GPU card from both computers.

So if you find this problem (that seems not so rare, but I have never seen before and I have intalled a lot of ubuntus in a lot of machines since the 'noname-distribution'), before doing other things try to upgrade your computer to the same or  a newer distro. If none of the web suggestions fix the problem you can always try to use your integrated GPU o change your graphics card.