Thursday, 7 August 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 new Ibus is interfering with default emacs keybinding control-space

In emacs you select text marking a starting selection point with control-space. This is a fundamental key binding in emacs. Now in the new version of Ubuntu (14.04) the default service for controlling multilingual input in linux has been changed to Ibus. The issue is that Ibus default key binding to control-space.

If you want to use emacs you probably should change this to something else. Go to a terminal and write 'ibus-setup' and at the right of the input method line you will find three dots '...' click there and change your key binding to Ibus pressing in the three dots in the key code line and then clik in disable. The text will change to 'new accelerator', press your combination of keys and you are done. I have changed mine to super-alt-space (super is the windows key).