Friday, 12 February 2010

Confluence does not have sectional editing, Are you kiding? nop!!!

It's sad but today I realized that confluence does not have sectional editing and they have been discussing about that since 2005!!!!!

[#CONF-5913] Sectional Editing - Atlassian JIRA
Sectional Editing

They propose some workaround, but they are not good. Basically they use {include} to include pages but then, you miss the subsections from this pages in the main TOC.

Also this is distracting. Wiki (as aHawiian word) mean quick! and this is the thing that I want. Quick text editing low I like to edit the wiki in markup-txt and sometime I write my wiki pages in emacs and copy/paste to the wiki later. This 'include' workaround breaks one of the good things of the wiki: its flexibility to combine big pages and multilinked micropages. Sometimes you want one thing, sometimes you want the other. Big pages without the sectional editing is a a bad thing because:
  • a) you block the whole page for editing preventing other users to contribute
  • b) difficult to find your text in the only text area (and having confluence headings like h1. h2. instead = =, == == etc does not help)
  • c) is very slow to load a page
  • d) moving from wisiwig to wiki-markup puts you back at the beginning of the text and you need to find your place again

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