Tuesday, 11 May 2010

European Nucleotide Archive

The European Bioinformatics Archive (EBI) at Cambridge, UK, has recently launched the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). This Archive puts together all previous nucleotide services at EBI (EMBL-Bank, ERA, etc.)

Press release:

Please update your links!!!!

Official Email:

Hello all,

The EBI has launched the European Nucleotide Archive(ENA; http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ena/). The press release is
available here (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/Information/News/pdf/Press10May10.pdf).The European Nucleotide Archive is the new collective name for the
archival nucleotide sequence databases and services that have been
operated from this campus over many years, including annotated and
assembled sequence (EMBL-Bank) and raw data (Trace Archive and Sequence
Read Archive). The new service includes graphical browsing, programmatic
services, next generation sequencing support, text search and a new
rapid sequence similarity search.

We are grateful for feedback and can provide help in using ENA - please
contact us at datasubs@ebi.ac.uk.

Referring to ENA
From now on, our services should be referred to as the 'European Nucleotide Archive' or 'ENA'.

We prefer that 'ENA' be used when referring to all data types that we
cover (eg. 'raw data and assemblies were submitted to ENA', 'annotation
downloaded from ENA'), but we accept that some usage of existing
component database names, such as EMBL-Bank, will be necessary at least
for some time.

Accession numbers are unique across all data classes within ENA. When
pointing to records, it is only therefore necessary to cite the
namespace and the accession number: 'ENA:', eg. 'ENA:BN000065'.

Pointing to ENA records
URLs to resolve all ENA records by accession take the form:

Many further options are supported for HTTP access and are described in

We will continue to support existing URL syntax for our component
databases for some time, but would ask that you update any links that you provide as soon as possible.

Thanks for using ENA,

Guy Cochrane.

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