Wednesday, 27 April 2011

nice example of a helping community in CPAN

Reading today the Catalyst mailing list I felt a great satisfaction. I saw how having the right attitude, asking the right questions, listening to people, doing your homework and reporting to CPAN authors sometimes gives you satisfactory results.

All happened in this thread:

[Catalyst] building 'local' lib with dependencies for shipping

where Fernan Aguero asked how to pack a catalyst application with all the needed dependencies. The problem is that if you want to do it platform independent you need to do it by setting list of dependencies (and your current versions of modules) and and use a method to automatically install all of them.

One of the solutions was to use Shipwright, created by Best Practical. It didn't work the first run but seemed the right tool so after a few messages more in the list, Fernan contacted with one of the developers and:
I contacted sunnavy (one of the Shripwright developers) and this is
what he said:

"I found the archive( PerlMagick ) has an interesting files format, which
shipwright didn't handle before.

I just released 2.4.25 to fix this, which will show up in cpan soon.
in case you are hurry, here it is:";

Just tested 2.4.25 and shripwright now imported all of the
dependencies for my cat app correctly.

I'm now building my ship :) and will get into testing the catalyst app
running from the vessel soon.

It is nice to see that collaboration works in the Perl world.

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