Monday, 6 February 2012

Converting your perl module documentation into confluence

Short story

perldoc -u | pod2wiki -s confluence > myConfluenceDoc

The key point is to use -u for printing out the original POD code (without any formatting).

Probably it is possible to use perldoc -owiki but I do not know yet how to pass the -s confluence. I will look at that later.

Long story

Today I was documenting some of my perl modules in our Confluence wiki when I decided to paste the POD. First I tried the HTML output copying it between {html}{html} directives, but as the .css was not created, the \blocks where not boxed, and I wanted them boxed.
HTML output
perldoc -ohtml
Then I made the output in text and used a oneliner to put some confluence markup
But these was not complete and needed some hand curation.
So I search in CPAN and find that Confluence is supported in the Pod::Simple::Wiki and also give you a script for that pod2wiki
pod2wiki accepts POD as input from STDIN, nice, so I printed the pod and passed to pod2wiki: perldoc | pod2wiki -s confluence
NO OUTPUT!!!!!!!!!!
Today I was a bit slow, and took me some time to realize that perldoc does not print 'POD' but man-formatted POD. I did perldoc perldoc to find out how to print the raw POD of the document: option -u
Confluence output
perldoc -u | pod2wiki -s confluence > myConfluenceDoc

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